Outdoor provision at the Laurels is key in the wellbeing of our children and provides opportunities for children to be free and explore their creative in natural surroundings. Both of our rooms have outdoor areas which are equipped to capture children imaginations and curiosity to support their learning and development. In addition to this, we believe children should understand about 'healthy foods and where food comes from'. To support this understanding and to have children actively involved in this process, we have our allotment area within our garden which is tended to by the children throughout the year so that they can develop an awareness of healthy choices and learn about growth and decay. 

Woodland School is also something which is embedded within the Laurels, and is something we are very proud of. We access this in our local woodland area to help give the children a unique opportunity of experiences first hand, the learning potential using the world around us. This is based on the forest school ethos and will help to support the EYFS curriculum. Particularly literacy, mathematics and expressive arts and design. As well as having a strong emphasis on raising children's self-confidence, self-esteem and independence.

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