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Day Care Fees


Age 0-2

8am-1pm - £24.50

1pm-6pm - £24.50

8am-6pm - £46.50

Full Week - £195.00

Age 2-5

8am-1pm - £23.50

1pm-6pm - £23.50

8am-6pm - £42.50

Full Week - £185.00

Full week discount is only valid to children attending full days Monday to Friday. Where there is a bank holiday, this will not be classed as attending a full week.

We offer sibling discount of 10% deducted from the lower fee amount.

Our prices include snacks and main meals for fee paying families (breakfast, lunch and tea).

Children who attend on funded sessions incur a small charge for meals.  These are as follows:-

Breakfast - £1.00

Lunch - £1.50

Tea - £1.00


Please give at least two weeks notice for holidays.

Holidays are for a maximum of two weeks worth of the child's session. Eg. if a child attends for two sessions per week, this is classed as one week of holiday time. You will not be charged for this.

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