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We believe a well-resourced environment is very important, however, staff who work at the Laurels are the most important resource for the children. The attachments they make with the children and families allow children to feel safe and secure and become confident and competent learners. 

All members of staff are highly skilled in working with young children. They work closely as an integrated team and have a passionate commitment to the nursery and the One Point Centre and its aims. All staff understand about how babies and young children learn, about child development and care and will be observing, reflecting and recording the children's progress as a key to informing the planning, in order to meet the needs of each individual child.

Child to Staff Ratio
0-2 Years - 1:3
2-3 Years - 1:4
3-5 Years - 1:8


Val Vayro

Audrey Adams

Eddie Iredia

Glen Hughes

Jane Lidstone

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